35 Cheap Wedding Ideas

The majority of people and couples throughout the world are in debt to pay for their weddings. Do you aspire to be one of them?

Marriage is the combination of two brains, not two dollars, so give it some thought. The more money you save, the happier you will be after your wedding. Your enjoyment may be ruined if you incur more debt as a result of wedding expenses.

Do you have a lot of money set aside for your wedding? If not, it makes no difference. With your current budget, you will have a lot more fun and lasting memories.

Let us delve deep into the details of 35 cheap wedding ideas.

1. An affordable wedding, irrespective of location.

Depending on the location of our wedding, the cost may vary. For example, in the United States, the wedding cost in Idaho varies significantly from that in Manhattan. As a result, you might consider a place where you can spend less money on your wedding.

2. Determine your priorities.

It is usually preferable to prioritize saving funds for future commitments. A low-cost wedding may save you a few hundred dollars. Prioritize chores that must be completed using the money saved.

3. Budget planning

Determine your priorities.

It is usually preferable to prioritize saving funds for future commitments. A low-cost wedding may save you a few hundred dollars. Prioritize chores that must be completed using the money saved.

4. Guest list requires your attention.

Are you planning on inviting extra guests to your wedding? Is it required? If this is the case, your budget may grow, causing your fingers to hurt. So, prioritize and evaluate your guest list by inviting only vital and close family members to save money.

5. Select a low-cost shop.

To save money, you might buy your dress or suit at a thrift store or a secondhand store. Yes, you do not need to spend a lot of money on a one-day event.

6. Close to a home wedding venue

You can select a wedding venue close to your home so you can avoid the unnecessary expense of traveling and other allied costs.

7. Free venues

You may save a lot of money on numerous items if you choose a backyard site for your wedding.

8. Town hall wedding

You can also plan for a town hall wedding since it involves low cost.

9. Within your budget venue

Locate a wedding venue, irrespective of the type, that is within your budget.


You may save money by having your wedding at a vacation property.

11. Wedding time for your Marriage

Choose a site for your wedding outside of the holiday season. This will save you a lot of money.

12. Skip your Saturday

You may have your wedding on either a Sunday or a Friday. Saturday seems to be the most expensive day because the majority of activities take place on that day.

13. Mid-week WEDDING

A midweek wedding may be less expensive than a weekend wedding. Choose weekday midday for a low-cost wedding celebration.

14. Ceremony and reception at the same location.

This is usually less expensive since attendees may go to the reception place while the bridal party takes photographs somewhere. It also makes the day’s logistics easier.

15. Opt out of the evening reception trend

No need for a reception dinner instead plans for an exclusive breakfast reception.

16. A family-owned restaurant

You can look for less expensive catering vendors. You can go for vendors outside of the wedding industry.

17. A food truck

You can go for a food truck to save your money. Also, paper plates are fine.

18. Contact individuals to help you save money.

Instead of spending money on expensive cakes, ask close friends or family who are skilled at constructing beautiful cakes to make them for the occasion.

19. Say “no” to hard liquor.

Instead of hard liquor, go for beer and wine to save your money.

20. Dessert affordable options

Choose affordable desserts.

21. A brief reception

A brief reception rather than a longer one saves money.

22. A buffet service is conceivable.

To save money, buffet-style eating is preferable to sit-down meals.

23. Vegetable portions are ideal.

To save money, serve vegetables instead of meat.

24. Purchasing used wedding decorations from newlyweds.

Purchase old wedding decorations from couples that sell on the internet.

25. Visit the Dollar Store

At the dollar store, you may find a variety of inexpensive decorations for both receptions and wedding ceremonies.

26. Bulk purchase of decorative items

You can purchase decorative items in bulk quantities by joining hands with your known sources that have a wedding event soon.

27. Choose discount shops for all purchases.

You can choose discount shops for all your purchases to save money.

28. Reasonably available products to decorate

Save money by going for things that are available in season.

29. Lace chair décor or ribbons

Beautiful aisle chairs with ribbons may be arranged for a low-cost ceremony.

30. Photo display

Arrange a photo display with simple techniques instead of a grand one.

31. Paper lanterns

Paper lanterns are a fine choice to decorate your wedding event and are affordable too.

32. Homemade cookies

Arrange homemade cookies for your ceremony; that enhances the taste and saves money too,

33. Customized candy bars

You can go for personalized candy bars to help with cost-saving.

34. Soy candles and homemade Jam

These are the best options to your budget-friendly wedding event.

35. Delegate event work to a known source.

Never go for any costly managers to conduct the event. Instead, hand over the event to your known sources that are best in all aspects to save money. They can handle things better to your satisfaction and quality.

Final words

The above wedding event cost affordable tips are best and make you feel comfortable and happy forever. You can go through these techniques carefully so that a large sum of money is saved in your pocket. Have a nice wedding and a cheerful event without spending a hefty amount.

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